Boxing day special – easy-peasy red-curried duck/turkey/chicken

As you’re probably struggling with left-over turkey/duck/chicken I thought I would remind you of this delicious recipe, so yummy I’m making it myself. Happy Boxing Day!

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What to do with that left-over poultry? I cooked a delicious 5 spice duck for Christmas day (simply rub a duck with 2 tbsp 5 spice powder top & bottom, bung an orange and bay leaf in the cavity, season and  roast. I did fact make a honey, 1 tbsp, and soy, 2 tbsp, glaze to which I added the 5 spice, but that is optional). There was masses left over with only three of us, so after eating some cold duck on boxing day, on day 3 I decided to make a quick and easy curry. I already had a home-made Penang curry paste from the Thai supermarket, but you can use any red curry paste, or make your own if you feel enthusiastic, check my recipe here. I added some extra dried chilli as most of these pastes are pretty tame. My thanks to my friend Sabiha…

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