Growing your own veg the Sarah Raven way

I am sharing this post with my blog. The best thing you can do for your health is to grow your own organic leaves and veg, and top them all with edible flowers…watch this space for my progress! Enjoy!


500x550-crop-080108.jpg I don’t think my garden will look like this…

It was a rare warm spring day when I arrived at Sarah Raven’s Perch Hill Farm this week for a master-class in veg growing. The Sussex countryside was bucolic – gambolling lambs, forsythia bursting, hedgerows popping…and Sarah’s farm was beginning to sprout too.

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2 responses to “Growing your own veg the Sarah Raven way

  1. My brother was in Sarah Raven’s class at Primary school! Veg garden not allowed at Heath Hurst Rd which is a bone of contention – tomatoes are his only concession! See you soon Love Sx

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