Jerusalem artichoke soup

2017-11-21 14.22.03Back to the Farmers’ Market after a long absence and hurray – the artichokes are in! This is the simplest winter warmer to make, although it’s suitable for eating among family and close friends only – not recommended for dinner parties! It can live up to its nickname fartichoke soup…This is so easy, from ingredients to table in 20 minutes!

Serves 4

8-10 large artichoke tubers
2 white onions
rapeseed oil
salt, pepper
Herbes de Provence
Cream – if you must!


Thinly slice all ingredients in a magimix or similar.

Put a slug of oil in a large pan, add the sliced vegetables and sweat with a lid on for 15 minutes or so. When soft, add water to cover plus some extra (some people add stock but there’s no need if you have good herbs) and herbes de Provence, season and put the lid back on.

When everything is lovely and soft, liquidise with a Braun hand-held, or in a proper liquidiser if you have one. Taste for seasoning, grate some nutmeg over the soup, and serve!

Husband likes a dollop of cream in his, but it is naturally creamy and I see no need.

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