Update on the ‘best pins in Africa’

IMG_3072‘How are the best pins in Africa?’ This is how my chum Patrick Mavros greets me. I keep telling him they ain’t wot they used to be, one calf-less leg and an artificial hip later. I try not to go on about my lack of pedal-power, but every now and again its time for an update, so here goes…IMG_3101

Last July I had a hip replacement. Despite all my yoga, pilates, and physio I have been in pain on and off ever since, mainly in the lower back. I have meanwhile had my four-years-clear chest x-ray  and the obligatory poke at my sarcoma leg (the other one) but the consultant wasn’t too interested in my pain. Nor has the trauma team at UCH paid much attention. I have been back twice in all, once to see the surgeon who did the op as I never saw him, and again to have a check-up. When I complained of pain, they sent me off to have an x-ray, despite my telling them I still had a hematoma on the scar site, and needed an ultrasound. The hip joint is working fine, they say,  so thats OK then…

In despair at never having seen a constant at UCH I made a formal complaint to the hospital. The only reply so far has been to ask about the ‘manhandling’ of the patient in the bed next-door to me. This was a phone call by return. So not interested in this patient.img_3270.jpg

I have been to see, privately,  Dr Cathy Speed who is a rheumatologist to see if she has any answers. She thought it might be my lumber spine as a result of issues with my gait caused by the sarcoma leg’s loss of calf muscle and compounded by the hip replacement. Results yesterday showed my back was fine, thank you.


Pickle admiring my mixed summer leaves

She agrees with me it’s mighty strange because I have worked so hard at my fitness and recovery. And I am not one to complain. But living with cancer does not mean you should live in pain…

So what are the next steps? Getting a referral back to the gait clinic/podiatrist and seeing the sarcoma team at the Marsden in June. They might have some answers…Don’t hold your breath!C88E4F4B-F484-4028-BDED-FCE026AB4F99

Meanwhile I will continue travelling, growing vegetables (my latest hobby), cooking and living life to the full.

The photos here are from my garden…IMG_3064


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