How to starve cancer – new book that might help late-stage cancers


Check out this new book, recommended by fellow blogger, nutritionist and former breast cancer sufferer now in good recovery, Dawn Waldron. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but wanted to share this for those not in a good place.  The book has particular relevance for late-stage AML, breast cancer and myelomas.

I will leave it to others whose words speak for themselves:

Jane’s life story is remarkable, but what is truly unique is how she intertwines this intimate and heartfelt tale with detailed, specific clinical and scientific pathways along her uplifting journey to cancer freedom.
Embedded in the quintessentially human narrative that Jane describes with such light elegance, is a rigorous evidence based scientific approach.
Jane’s clinical reasoning is impressive, her experience is compelling, and in the combination of these two elements she has crafted a narrative that, like the anticancer metabolic cocktail she champions, is destined to positively enhance countless lives.
Dr Ndaba Mazibuko, Clinical Research Fellow
King’s College London, Care Oncology Clinic Doctor

“I read the book in one day and took ten pages of notes. It is a wealth of information yet reads like a novel…”
George W. Yu, Clinical Professor of Urological and Pelvic Cancer Surgery, George Washington University Medical Center

“Her story is so powerful; tragic yet triumphant, and relatable to anyone who has had a foot in the realm of the sick. Jane is a fantastic speaker. Her story: of a terminal diagnosis in the prime of her life, self-discovery, and path to wellness driven by her own conviction and research has the ability to inspire hope and wake the medical community up to a powerful new tool—the use of combinations of repurposed drugs.”
– Travis Christofferson, author of Tripping Over the Truth

‘Too often patients are offered a ‘one size fits all’ approach and actively discouraged from challenging the received wisdom. Jane McLelland has a clear and direct writing style which made the scientific aspects easy to follow. Most books on this subject that I have read fall into two distinct camps: the scientific/medical and often impenetrable, and the more personal and emotional, which often have very little scientific backbone. I liked this book because it combined the personal with the medical. Jane McLelland is an important new voice on the subject.’

–Yvette Cowles, cancer sufferer and freelance editor

I’m grateful for Jane’s work and inspiration. I can’t wait for the book to be published—I will be reading it as soon as it’s available alongside my MSc studies.
—Dawn Waldron, Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach. BANT CNHC Dip.ION BSc(Hons)

“Jane’s story is an inspiration. She stared death in the face and talked it down, then dedicated her life to helping others do the same.”
-Clare Pooley bestselling author The Sober Diaries and breast cancer survivor

Good luck!


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