Easy-peasy new potatoes with with a lemony pea & coriander dressing


I made this to go with  my Persian salmon; my friend was scooping it out of the bowl with her fork! It’s goes with any spring or summer dish and new potatoes with the skins are pretty nutritious (diminishes when you bake them); as a starch potatoes win over pasta and rice any day as they are  a rich source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C (23% and 24% of the Daily Value) and in the UK are considered to be an important part of the recommended  daily 5 portions of fruit & veg. What’s more this dish is – sorry for the pun – easy-peasy.

Serves 4

300g peas, fresh or frozen
2 large green chillies, chopped
1 small preserved lemon, de-pipped and chopped
good handful coriander, roughly chopped plus extra for garnish
60 ml olive oil
1 small lemon, half tested and 1 tsp juice
750 g new potatoes, halved if large (skins on)
salt & pepper


First blanch the peas for a minute in boiling water. Drain and set aside 1/3 for garnish; place the rest in a blender or small processor with the chillies, preserved lemon, coriander, olive oil, lemon zest, pinch of salt and a good twist of pepper. Whizz into a rough paste and set aside.

Now boil the potatoes until cooked. Drain and put in a serving bowl; roughly crush so that you get a mixture of textures and mix in the paste form teh blender. Now add the peas, the lemon juice and the coriander garnish. Stir and serve warm.

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