A shoulder update – 4 and a half months on and almost fully mobile!

IMG_8681 2

Now that the the coronation malarkey and all the bank holiday disruptions are over I can get back to serious physio and yoga. Here I am doing suspended yoga last week! By doing this for a full three minutes, it gives your body a chance to do a full circumnavigation of your body and is very good for you! Thank you Priti Raja for helping me achieve these milestones.

This is all to say that I was able to dive three times a day when we were in Indonesia and was doing backward rolls off the boat after a few days. We had 12 glorious days though teh weather was not great despite the photos here…

There is no doubt that hydrotherapy and physio every day are the key to recovery for such a serious and debilitating injury. For example when I arrived I could barely do doggie paddle but at the end of the trip I leapt into a pool and, without thinking, I did breast stroke! This is the pool at Black Sand Dive Retreat where we finished our trip with a bit of muck diving to see critters, see below.


Here are some gorgeous underwater pics taken by Ross to brighten our day…

And a final one of me having the compulsory G&T to toast my return to health and activity. It is always a case of putting your mind to recovery and sticking to the plan…IMG_8274


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