Pineapple and basil granita


Fooled you there! As you know I don’t have a sweet tooth, and try not to eat sugar at all, unless it’s completely natural. The dilemma when having people to supper is that most DO like a pud. So here is a simple and different type of granita which is dairy and sugar free and can be whizzed up in seconds! My guests were blown away by this!

Serves 6

1 large very sweet, ripe pineapple, cut into cubes, removing the central core
Large handful of basil leaves

Place the chopped pineapple in the freezer several hours before you need it.

When you are ready for the dessert course, place the frozen pineapple in a food processor, add the basil and chop using the metal blade. Once nicely chopped up, add the dough-making blade and give it a few spins so you get a smoother consistency. Serve!

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