Jerusalem artichoke soup with a twist

2016-12-05-13-13-13Yes, it’s more farmers’ market produce and soups to keep out the chill in this cold snap. My mother used to make this, she even grew her own artichokes. She always used to peel hers, but she  also said ‘they are the devil to peel’, so I don’t bother. It’s OK  so long as you wash them to get all the dirt off. I also add a potato or two to eke them out a bit and give some more body. Very easy and delicious (not called fartichoke for nothing though – so be warned!). If you want, you might add some coconut milk, although I think its quite rich enough without.

Serves 2

1lb/450 g artichockes, washed
2 medium organic potatoes
1 large onion
2 tbsp rape seed oil
grated nutmeg to taste
1-2 tsp ground coriander
salt and pepper
parsley and paprika to garnish


Slice the onions, artichokes and potato in a magimix or similar. Sweat them in a large saucepan with the oil, When soft (I add little water to stop them sticking, after 30 mins or so), liquidise them either with a little hand blender, in a mcimix or blender. Then add more water till you get the consistency you want, the spices, salt and pepper. Serve piping hot!

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