Boxing day special – easy-peasy red-curried duck/turkey/chicken


What to do with that left-over poultry? I cooked a delicious 5 spice duck for Christmas day (simply rub a duck with 2 tbsp 5 spice powder top & bottom, bung an orange and bay leaf in the cavity, season and  roast. I did fact make a honey, 1 tbsp, and soy, 2 tbsp, glaze to which I added the 5 spice, but that is optional). There was masses left over with only three of us, so after eating some cold duck on boxing day, on day 3 I decided to make a quick and easy curry. I already had a home-made Penang curry paste from the Thai supermarket, but you can use any red curry paste, or make your own if you feel enthusiastic, check my recipe here. I added some extra dried chilli as most of these pastes are pretty tame. My thanks to my friend Sabiha for the basis of this recipe which I have adapted slightly. You can beef up the portion size by adding more meat, aubergine, curry paste, coconut milk. I know this isn’t quite so healthy – but hey, it’s Christmas!

Serves 2-3
2-3 heaped tbsp red curry paste
1 small pack/tin coconut milk (400ml)
Roasted duck, turkey or chicken meat, diced – what you have!
1 aubergine, diced, plus pea aubergines if you have any
3-5 Kaffir lime leaves, torn
2 stalks lemongrass, outer leaves removed
2-3 small birds-eye dried chills, crumbled (optional)
chopped pineapple
Small bunch coriander
Thai or ordinary basil for garnish


First add some coconut milk into a hot , deep frying pan or work. THEn add the curry paste and cook until it becomes darker red and the oil separates. At this stage you can add the rest of the paste and the coconut milk, the lemon grass, chills if using and kaffir lime leaves.

Now add the aubergine, top up with water so the sauce covers the aubergine, and simmer gently until it is soft, but not yet cooked, before adding the meat. Let this simmer fora further 30 mins so the meat and aubergine are soft and unctuous.

Finally add the chopped pineapple, give it all a stir, bung in the herbs, and serve on top of steamed rice. Sit down and watch your favourite Tv programme.

Simply yummy.

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