Four and half years cancer-free!

IMG_3452Every six months I go and see the Marsden people. This year I was slightly more anxious than normal – ie not very, but a bit – as my sarcoma leg has been tender and the ankle is tingly and numb all the time. It has been affecting my back and the new hip is still a bit stiff sometimes. No amount of acupuncture, yoga or Pilates makes much difference.


Pickle normally does yoga with me, except when she’s enjoying the sun!

The chest x-ray is over within minutes, and they are so speedy, they don’t even ask you to change, just remove any metal from the chest area – in my case necklace and underwired bra. The NHS is quite wonderful most of the time.

Although the doc is running 30 mins late once I am in front on him I feel I have his undivided attention. Of course he wants to see my leg, so asks me to take off my trousers and gives me this square ‘apron’ as he calls it ‘to cover myself’. I’m always amused how the NHS has to be so careful these days. Prods and feels both calfs and pronounces no new sarcomas.

‘So what’s causing the tenderness and pain?’

He has no idea, except that  is probably normal. Nerves all cut, legs out of alignment and agrees with Prof Cathy Speed that maybe a podiatrist might help. Nothing he can do…I don’t dare ask how many of his patients survive this long!

I said some people think I probably did too much, and he laughed.

Looking forward, I shall keep on doing ‘too much’ – diving in Indonesia in a couple of weeks, followed by a boat trip to see the orangutangs. I have started the lingzhi mushrooms again, and once my book is finally finished  – soon I promise – I shall get back to my gardening and growing my own organic veg. Its been successful so far. And back to the insurance to see if they will fund more tests on my gait and new orthotics.

So that’s good AND bad news! The most important thing is to keep cheerful.



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