Monthly maintenance


Once a month I go and have a couple of acupuncture sessions just to keep my immunity boosted. I also top up on the magic lingzhi (mushroom spore tablets, or ganoderma lucidium to give them the proper name). I am convinced that this is a life-line. My Prof, Dr Ang, told me that he had a patient with lung primaries and brain metastases, who came to him with 6 months to live after 9 sessions of chemo. Three years later, after following this simple regime, she is alive and kicking.

I also do yoga and pilates 3-4 times a week, and swim and meditate when I can. At Christmas I am going to try skiing again. I have just been trekking in Myanmar (read about it on Not bad for someone who was on the brink of losing her leg, and was told she would never be able to walk uphill again!  Here I am enjoying the beach in Myanmar. We do control our own fate to a large extent…

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