Another clear lung scan!



I thought these anthurium lilies from the Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest Dome resembled a healthy set of lungs…

I went in to have some x rays for my whiplash injuries and thought I might as well get one of the lungs at the same time. The lovely radiographer showed me all the scans then and there, so no waiting and a great sense of euphoria…

BTW the physio for the trauma in my shoulder and neck is so painful that I almost pass out when she’s digging around in my shoulder blades…but rolling around on a tennis ball seems to help (that’s how you break up the knots). Only two more sessions to go, but it’s going to be a long haul.

Every three months clear is a milestone…so still doing some acupuncture, taking the lingzhi mushroom tablets and following my own advice. Yoga and Pilates, sadly, are off-limits until I regain my mobility but, hey, I’m still here!

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