Yay! 21 months #cancer free

Bamboo orchids2

I must say I wasn’t at all apprehensive for the x-ray results as I had recently had a complete cancer blood screening which covered every single eventuality, but it’s always great relief to get the all clear. And it’s my mother’s birthday – she would have been 95. So altogether an auspicious day.

The thing is, you are as healthy as you feel – and I feel great thanks to the care I take about my diet and exercise. I am sure it makes a huge difference, and as we know this is supported by science, see the Doc’s blog on optimism and taking control.

To emphasise my jolly mood here are a couple of recent photos from the National orchid garden here.

sorry cant be more specific than 'red orchid'!

sorry can’t be more specific than ‘red orchid’!

and, er, yellow orchid!

and, er, yellow orchid!

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