Cavolo nero/kale miso soup


I now have a glut of cavolo nero so I made this simple summer soup. You can also use kale, spinach or sorrel. I used a mix of all three as I’m trying to clear out my veg patch before I go away for 3 weeks, and have planted out some new seedlings to be ready for my return. I think I shall be eating variations of this much of the autumn as I try to lose a pound or two round the middle while eating healthily and feeling full! You can add egg, as I have done here, tofu if you want double soya, bean sprouts – whatever takes your fancy. I usually take out the central veins from the cavolo as they’re a bit chewy. The addition of ginger increases the health benefits and a bit of chilli keeps my ‘cold’ body warm. Yum.

Serves 2

2 good handfuls of cavolo nero/kale/spinnach leaves chopped into ribbons
thumb-size piece of ginger, peeled and julienned
2 red hot chillis, sliced thinly (I keep the seeds)
3 tbs spoons light miso
500 ml or so of water, enough to fill your bowls!
soba noodles as desired (I used one bundle but that was on the light side)
2 eggs, hardboiled
coriander to garnish


Hardboil a couple of eggs and halve them when cooled.

Boil the water and blanche the leaves for 1-2 mins. Refresh under cold water and leave to drain.

Add the miso and stir to dissolve it. Then the ginger, chillies and the noodles. Simmer until they are cooked.

Put the drained leaves in two bowls, add the eggs and then pour the noodle broth on top, dividing the noodles fairly! Aways a challenge…

Scatter coriander leaves on top and you have a nutritious and tasty meal.

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