Practising what I preach: back into daily #yoga & #meditation

Last night's supper - Bangladeshi steamed fish an a bed of spinach: check the recipes on the site

Last night’s supper – Bangladeshi steamed fish on a bed of spinach: check the recipes on the site

I can’t tell you how much better I feel, both physically and mentally back here in Singapore. I am back into a 30 minutes yoga workout followed by 15 minutes mediation. I use an app, Simply Being, to try and keep my concentration and, when it wanders, chant a little mantra in my head: ‘Om mani padme hum’ or ‘May the long time sun shine on you, the pure light within you guide your way on’ (to the tune of the Incredible String Band’s A Very Cellular Song).

The two months off exercise, yoga and mediation have taken their toll. This was an effort in self-preservation, trying to heal my torn shoulder ligaments, but I am creaky and stiff, despite all the running around in London trying to sort various things out.

So back to weekly Hatha Yoga classes, plus two other classes of stretch and Yogalites, plus a weekly session with personal trainer Serena. Even tempted to explore the gym in the block, since the osteopath told me my thighs/glutes need strengthening.

I have also been catching up on my swimming, completing 500m most day in our gorgeous pool (when Im not going a class!).

our fabulous pools...and the landscaping isn't bad either!

our fabulous pools…and the landscaping isn’t bad either!

Plus cooking recipes from my repertoire, like the steamed snapper we had for supper on Sunday night while we watched the latest series of Spiral, that totally immersing French cop drama. And of course taking the coconut oil with everything, breakfast, lunch and dinner! Acupuncture starts again tomorrow, and I religiously take my lingzhi (Chinese mushroom immunity-building) tablets twice daily.

steamed snapper

I am hoping that this will help lessen the pain in my bad back and hip, and aid the final recovery of the torn shoulder ligaments which are almost back to normal. Yay!

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